(Divine Mother is one with Divine Father. In dedicating this website to the Divine Mother, we do not negate the Father aspect.)

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Hello and Namaste. Welcome. My name is Chaturi Ma from Divine Mother Wisdom Sanctuary in South Africa. The South African representatives of Divine Mother Guidance & Healing in the USA. And I am here today, not only as a Divine Mother Practitioner, but as someone who feels like she has come home and I want to share this bliss with you. I would like to introduce you to Divine Mother by telling you who she really is, why she is here and what the purpose is and who she says you are. And to tell you just how much she loves you and how much she wants to connect with you. Who is Divine Mother? Divine Mother is the Mother aspect of God. She is unconditionally loving; she is Love itself. She wants you to know her. She wants to know you personally. She wants to empower you every day of your life. She wants you to have a purpose-filled, love-fueled, empowering experience, day after day. She wants you to be able to touch Heaven while walking on Earth. She wants to be able to show you that you are an incredible Divine being in this physical body. She wants to introduce you to the most fulfilling, powerful life you have yet to live. Divine Mother is a healer, she is a creator, an empowerer, she is an encourager, a protector and she is Love. Why now? Divine Mother has always existed. Why now, this sudden awareness of her on this planet. Well – to put it simply the world has had enough negativity. People are yearning for peace and for Love and for unity to empower us all to be able to live and understand the Divine life. Divine Mother brings you 4 divine qualities that she represents; Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Truth and Divine Grace that she wants to bring back to you in the form of herself. So, if you resonate with this message if this message is pulling at your heartstrings, if you feel like this is something that you would like to explore. If Divine Mother is calling you home to your heart, then, contact me Simply contact me through my Facebook Page  –  Divine Mother Wisdom Sanctuary – or  you can go to my website – https://divinemotherwisdom.wordpress.com and fill out the contact field (form). If you are living overseas and you would like to join our Divine Mother Group Healing sessions, you can join us online. Those who are in South Africa can join us online or in-person. Divine Mother wants to heal you by removing blockages in your life-force. When the life force is blocked, we encounter experiences and problems and even repeated patterns of problems that seem to just keep getting us stuck. But when your life force is clear, life is perceived as flowing and Love is noticeable. The Divine intelligence of the Heart leads and purpose becomes clear. Healing comes. Divine Mother works vibrationally – her healing is a vibrational healing. What does that mean? It is an energetic healing. You sense her. You sense her energy moving through you. She wants to empower you so that you can embody all of the potential that is inside of you as a Divine being, and navigate through your life with integrity, grace, power, purpose and Love and make your difference. I am her Handmaiden and I learn every day what to do and what not to do. So, I encourage you to get in touch if you feel that Divine Mother is pulling at your heartstrings. She loves you infinitely – that will never change. And that is all that I have to tell you today. Namaste. Lots of Love. Divine Mother’s blessings to you. Thank you.