Hi Chaturi, I just wanted to let u know I got the job I start February 1 in jhb. After I left your place I feel like my energy shifted, I felt much lighter and open to changes. Thank you for your healing powers, light and love. I hope to be joining your groups very soon. Thank you! 🙏❤

Shay Momo

Cannot aptly explain the gratitude and overwhelming feeling of love, healing and friendship experienced today at The Divine Mother Wisdom Group Session! thank you so very much beautiful Chaturi Ma xxx  I feel amazing and I don’t even have to re – live it analyse it or question it. It just is. ❤❤❤Can’t wait for the next one.
Karen Worth

Its all 100% true. The group healing sessions are amazing. Feel lighter each time and so much more grateful for everything I am and have. Thank u Chaturi
Bernice Hawkins-Hudson

I find that it is an intense meditation session. The benefits are that you are more grounded and settled. It allows you to settle within your own beautiful space and the connection with the universal mother leaves you with a peaceful love. It allows you to free yourself of the unnecessary demand and self imposed judgements that we impose upon ourselves. Namaste and Thanks.
Sunita Keshav

My experience at the Divine Mother healing was calming, peaceful and cleansing. Through the meditation I achieved what I call the answers to my “purpose”. I received 4 words that have sumed up the way forward for me. Thank you for helping me reconnect.
Alicia John