dmw-sanctuary-altarsQ: Life is sometimes very hard and we perceive that what is happening, more often than not, is negative instead of good and positive. I understand that this is a heavy dimension, but I would like it to be easier. What can we do to move through life in a Divine way to experience more of the good?

A: “You need to learn to lift your resonance more, your vibration more. When you are resonating at a lower frequency then this is what you are going to experience – more density. When you resonate at a higher frequency you are bound to experience more Light-ness. More of what you call the positive, what I call the Divine. Say my name. My name will bring my vibration instantly within you. My name or the name of any other Divine being that brings you comfort. Say the name and that will raise your frequency. Some people like to sing the names, like mantras, prayers. Some people like to say the name. That in itself is a vibration that you are creating. When you create that vibration, it is like throwing a stone into a pond – it creates a ripple effect. It expands and affects you and those around you. So, vibrate higher. Say my name. Call on the Divine friends. That will help – definitely. That will create a more Divine space in which to move. I Love you.” — Divine Mother