She is Love and Love is here

Let everything you do, be 💚Love💚. This is how healing comes: you meet with Love… 🌹She 🌹 is pure and intense… She is overwhelming… and your insides shake… you cannot eat or sleep….! You are sick with Longing for a Love your soul seems to recognise, but your mind has forgotten…. the intense yearning for God has begun and you will never be the same! This is when it happens – the impurity within… the emptiness… the limitations float to the surface and then pain rises steadily, increasingly. Grief introduces itself…! Whatever has held you away from the 🌹One🌹 is about to leave you, but it will not go without a fight, so you grieve. You are about to discover the Sweetest Wholeness within yourself. The Ego goes mad! It raises its sword and tries to do battle against Divine Love. It fails…. one by one, the onslaughts come – criticisms and judgements torment you, telling you how worthless you are ,,, unloveable….. unworthy to feast at Love’s table, while the Heart screams out for Love…! And as the Ego has built up its well-put-together argument against Love, 🌹She🌹– completely unperturbed – opens up from within you, bringing you Her acceptance without condition. Your heart swells in unison with Hers and you break wide open…!. Love’s intensity shakes you to your core until you surrender….you lose all you have known…. all that was familiar… Love removes it one by one until there is nothing left to grasp…. until everything is laid at Her feet. Nothing matters but LOVE. Nothing at all, but this holy moment…. Whatever snickerings and whisperings, sneerings and fist-shaking may have happened in the past…whatever tears and sobs may have wracked you. it is all gently swept away by Love and you feel Peace….. You are HELD in the warmth. You are HOME. You have aligned.


You and I are God

This evening, I access the 💚Divine Heart💚 and ask You Mother, what do You want to say to me? Then the Sacred Vibration replies through my body: “Subtle is what you feel, but I Am here with you. Lifting you. Expand. Allow Love to radiate from you. Emanate compassion. Radiate Love” Then later the realization flashes into mind, “You and I are God!” Falling on my face before 🌹You🌹… 🙏 ❤️

Who is Kali Ma?

Who is 🌺Kali Ma🌺 ? She is the Divine Mother of Light IN you. Notice Her with your subtle perception, as She pulls you deep into Her. She is filling you with Her golden Light, letting out a victory cry through you as She raises you – like a trishul – higher than you have been before. There is place for each one of us in Her Heart and She wants us to truly know Her – not just who we think She is. So, who is She?
Kali Ma is the Great Goddess. The death of time, which destroys everything. Although Her image is terrifying, complete with skull garland, fangs and ferocious wide eyes, brandishing sword and trishul, holding a severed demon head, She is a fiercely protective, loving Mother to us all. She is Love. Pure Love. She assists us with endings and beginings…. almost forcing those changes that result in our transformation, however uncomfortable they may be. She liberates us from situations that do not serve our highest good. Such is Her grace and Her Love.


I would like to say to the narcissists who have entered my life … you are not the first, but you will be the last… you are done! 🌺Kali Ma🌺 has been watching. I know exactly who I Am in God, now and 🌹Divine Mother🌹Loves and values me beyond measure. I no longer need or crave your twisted validation. You may be intelligent, but I Am wise. Let today be a proclamation of my steps of freedom! Only God from within my own Heart determines the steps I take from this day forward. May you be healed from your pain as I choose to be free of mine. 🌺JAI MAA KALI!🌺

We are One with Divine Mother

🌹Divine Mother🌹 exists within Creation… within us… we are One with Her. When She speaks, we have the innate ability to feel Her vibration within us. This vibration directs us with Love. Pockets of wisdom open at various intervals directing our thoughts, dreams, desires and emotions. We are even given external signs at times.
It is up to us to pay attention to our intuition and to follow that. Just because something is harder does not necessarily mean we have taken a wrong turn… on the contrary, our Soul may be taking us exactly where we need to be! Quiet the mind every day…. set aside time to “visit” the Divine Heart where Maa resides. It is imperative we be honest with ourSelf…. then and only then will clarity appear, which comes from the Divine Intelligence – the Heart center. 💗💚💙

Divine Mother Encourages Us To:

🌹Divine Mother🌹 encourages us to:

1. Allow the expansion that is happening within us in order to grow… to move forward, closer and deeper on our journey to Her … to our Self… back into the shared Oneness.
2. Keep moving forward – Love that is birthed within us brings us into alignment with Her and when we are aligned the Love is powerful. Love keeps us on track even when things powerfully try to pull us back.
3 Believe we are loved with an unending, unique, all-encompassing Love – that we are now beginning to understand this Love with the Heart… with the Divine Intelligence… beginning to “taste” it.
4. This Love guides and directs us forward and *Inward.*
5. Allow the fountain of this sweet Love to pour from our Heart… this is when the miraculous happens. The bounded becomes unbounded.
6. Allow Her to flow through us… we have All we need.. after a time, we lift vibrationally… ego disappears and we transcend.

I Come to You as I Am, Mother God 💗

🌹🌹🌹Oh Maa, Mother God, Divine Mother,  Mommy God…🌹🌹🌹 You see everything. You see me in my nakedness and vulnerability and You as Kali Ma, clad only in Your Glory receive me. I come to You broken, believing in Wholeness and I Am  made whole. I come to you in tears and you bathe my Heart in your Soma Nectar. I come to you in full prostration and you you gently pick me up off the floor and embrace me within. Maa, I come to You as I Am and you hold me in Love and Acceptance. No airs, no graces. No understanding of Sanskrit and very little mantra knowledge. Still You receive me.  Mother Loves All of Her Creation as we are. This is the Mother God I serve. This is the Oneness I long for. This is the Mother I Love.  💗💗💗

Divine Mother as Durga Maa Raises our Vibration to Hers

“I Love you. The heaviness that sits on you, within you, within your Heart, that heaviness – I am removing it, with all the Love that is in me. Removing it so that you can fill up with Divine joy. And be raised up to the highest of the highest vibrations and be with me. I am freeing you. I am opening and expanding you as we speak. The fullness of Love the fullness of my nectar the fullness of my wisdom the fullness of my joy is being given now to you. Receive it. Receive it. Receive it. Wave after wave after wave after love-infused wave from my being sent, growing inside of you to settle in you, bringing you into balance. And the sweetness of this Love and the sweetness of my nectar, which joins your vibration to mine, is being heightened within you. I want you to experience the highest of highs with me, so I am freeing you now from anything that limits you and holds you back from me. Cut! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Peace Peace Peace. I Love you, my children and I am loving you into Oneness, now. Loving you into a higher vibration. You are sent through Love and it is the power of Love that is raising you now. “Message from Divine Mother as Durga Maa, delivered through Chaturi Ma.

Longing for the Divine Mother

There is this incredible yearning for Mother God 💗 like a child crying out for its mother. I just want to sit at Her feet and stay there and bathe in Love. Look into the eyes of the moorthis and sing to Her, just sit and read or talk to Her. Love rises and falls inside of me like waves. Sometimes it is very subtle and at other times, I am a  puddle of jelly on the floor in Bliss! I have literally never felt  Love like this. And  along with the yearning  for Her divine presence is the desire to give to others.  Then Her Love lights up even the most mundane of duties. I was at Home Affairs today and actually  found that pleasant!  More of You, Maa. Please more… 💗🌹_/|\_

Why should Divine Mother Love me?

Ego (small self) asks: 

There are others out there that are much more devoted and better than you. Why should Mother God lavish Her love on you? What is so special about you?

Divine Self replies:

It is not about degrees of Love. Divine Love cannot be measured; it is infinite. We are All loved by virtue of the fact that we *are* Love and Love birthed us into being…sang us into being. Love recognises Itself drawing all parts into the Whole. None more deserving than the rest. None less deserving than the rest. It is the nature of Love to find itself and celebrate sacred, joyful Divine union. You are this Love. Divine Mother is this Love and we are this Love and are drawn together by default. We merge and the result is bliss and peace. This is the nature of Love. There is no measuring of who deserves what. Divine Mother awakens this Love deep within us and we discover how to receive, how to open up and surrender to Love, we begin to experience the *Infinite* flow of Love from within us. We are All loved completely and fully. It is only only a matter of receiving.