Your Tears are Ganga Maa

At various times in prayer to 🌷Maa Ganga🌷 – Once in 🌷Ganga🌷 Herself in India and here back home – praying before Her in devotion and a Love-based attitude with no words, only longing for Her, the tears flow and flow and flow… they wash and they purify… and more and more tears come… and more and more still… and at the end of it, there is no sorrow. There is no pain. It is not that kind of crying. It is devotional… yearning for Her. At the end of the outpouring of Love and tears is just Love. Fullness not emptiness… just fullness. So much sweetness of Her Love permeates everything. When I asked Her, when I said: “🌷Ma Ganga🌷, why do I always cry when I pray to You when You call me to come and pray to You? I am curious?” and She answered from within the Heart: “This is how 🌷Maa Ganga🌷 manifests Herself… through us… these kinds of tears are 🌷Ganga Maa🌷 physically manifesting through us. Purifying and washing us on every level and also through the physical.” Beautiful, Love-based Bhakti tears to which the end result is not sorrow or pain or emptiness. The end result is Fullness, Love, peace and joy. ❤️ Thank You 🌷Maa Ganga🌷. Ask for your Bhakti tears. Ask HER to release them in you and find the Love, the peace, the joy, of Her manifesting through you… through your beautiful tears as 🌷Ganga Maa🌷.💚🙏


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