Heartfelt Prayer moves the Divine Mother

Do you sometimes wonder where justice is in this world? Where is 🌺Kali Maa, Durga Maa, Shakti Maa🌺..? She is in our prayers. WE move the Heart and Hands and feet of our powerful, righteous, Loving 🌷Divine Mother🌷. If you want a situation to change for the better. If you want suffering to end… surrender at 🌹HER🌹 holy Lotus feet. Pray sincerely with Love from the Heart not the ego. Prayer is powerful and this is what it takes to move God into action – Heartfelt prayer according to Her will. Then let it go. She knows what to do in Divine timing. We are Her warriors and our battle is not to hurt others or judge them. Our battle is to continually surrender our will and our ego to God. To continually improve our own thoughts, words and behaviour. *That* moves the Heart and hands and feet of the Divine Mother. Prayer from a pure Heart spurs our Mother of Creation into action. To protect, to heal, to bless and to comfort. 🌹Maa🌹 Bless you today! 💗🙏


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