She is Love and Love is here

Let everything you do, be 💚Love💚. This is how healing comes: you meet with Love… 🌹She 🌹 is pure and intense… She is overwhelming… and your insides shake… you cannot eat or sleep….! You are sick with Longing for a Love your soul seems to recognise, but your mind has forgotten…. the intense yearning for God has begun and you will never be the same! This is when it happens – the impurity within… the emptiness… the limitations float to the surface and then pain rises steadily, increasingly. Grief introduces itself…! Whatever has held you away from the 🌹One🌹 is about to leave you, but it will not go without a fight, so you grieve. You are about to discover the Sweetest Wholeness within yourself. The Ego goes mad! It raises its sword and tries to do battle against Divine Love. It fails…. one by one, the onslaughts come – criticisms and judgements torment you, telling you how worthless you are ,,, unloveable….. unworthy to feast at Love’s table, while the Heart screams out for Love…! And as the Ego has built up its well-put-together argument against Love, 🌹She🌹– completely unperturbed – opens up from within you, bringing you Her acceptance without condition. Your heart swells in unison with Hers and you break wide open…!. Love’s intensity shakes you to your core until you surrender….you lose all you have known…. all that was familiar… Love removes it one by one until there is nothing left to grasp…. until everything is laid at Her feet. Nothing matters but LOVE. Nothing at all, but this holy moment…. Whatever snickerings and whisperings, sneerings and fist-shaking may have happened in the past…whatever tears and sobs may have wracked you. it is all gently swept away by Love and you feel Peace….. You are HELD in the warmth. You are HOME. You have aligned.


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