Who is Kali Ma?

Who is 🌺Kali Ma🌺 ? She is the Divine Mother of Light IN you. Notice Her with your subtle perception, as She pulls you deep into Her. She is filling you with Her golden Light, letting out a victory cry through you as She raises you – like a trishul – higher than you have been before. There is place for each one of us in Her Heart and She wants us to truly know Her – not just who we think She is. So, who is She?
Kali Ma is the Great Goddess. The death of time, which destroys everything. Although Her image is terrifying, complete with skull garland, fangs and ferocious wide eyes, brandishing sword and trishul, holding a severed demon head, She is a fiercely protective, loving Mother to us all. She is Love. Pure Love. She assists us with endings and beginings…. almost forcing those changes that result in our transformation, however uncomfortable they may be. She liberates us from situations that do not serve our highest good. Such is Her grace and Her Love.


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