We are One with Divine Mother

🌹Divine Mother🌹 exists within Creation… within us… we are One with Her. When She speaks, we have the innate ability to feel Her vibration within us. This vibration directs us with Love. Pockets of wisdom open at various intervals directing our thoughts, dreams, desires and emotions. We are even given external signs at times.
It is up to us to pay attention to our intuition and to follow that. Just because something is harder does not necessarily mean we have taken a wrong turn… on the contrary, our Soul may be taking us exactly where we need to be! Quiet the mind every day…. set aside time to “visit” the Divine Heart where Maa resides. It is imperative we be honest with ourSelf…. then and only then will clarity appear, which comes from the Divine Intelligence – the Heart center. 💗💚💙


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