Divine Mother Encourages Us To:

🌹Divine Mother🌹 encourages us to:

1. Allow the expansion that is happening within us in order to grow… to move forward, closer and deeper on our journey to Her … to our Self… back into the shared Oneness.
2. Keep moving forward – Love that is birthed within us brings us into alignment with Her and when we are aligned the Love is powerful. Love keeps us on track even when things powerfully try to pull us back.
3 Believe we are loved with an unending, unique, all-encompassing Love – that we are now beginning to understand this Love with the Heart… with the Divine Intelligence… beginning to “taste” it.
4. This Love guides and directs us forward and *Inward.*
5. Allow the fountain of this sweet Love to pour from our Heart… this is when the miraculous happens. The bounded becomes unbounded.
6. Allow Her to flow through us… we have All we need.. after a time, we lift vibrationally… ego disappears and we transcend.


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