I Come to You as I Am, Mother God 💗

🌹🌹🌹Oh Maa, Mother God, Divine Mother,  Mommy God…🌹🌹🌹 You see everything. You see me in my nakedness and vulnerability and You as Kali Ma, clad only in Your Glory receive me. I come to You broken, believing in Wholeness and I Am  made whole. I come to you in tears and you bathe my Heart in your Soma Nectar. I come to you in full prostration and you you gently pick me up off the floor and embrace me within. Maa, I come to You as I Am and you hold me in Love and Acceptance. No airs, no graces. No understanding of Sanskrit and very little mantra knowledge. Still You receive me.  Mother Loves All of Her Creation as we are. This is the Mother God I serve. This is the Oneness I long for. This is the Mother I Love.  💗💗💗


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