Divine Mother as Durga Maa Raises our Vibration to Hers

“I Love you. The heaviness that sits on you, within you, within your Heart, that heaviness – I am removing it, with all the Love that is in me. Removing it so that you can fill up with Divine joy. And be raised up to the highest of the highest vibrations and be with me. I am freeing you. I am opening and expanding you as we speak. The fullness of Love the fullness of my nectar the fullness of my wisdom the fullness of my joy is being given now to you. Receive it. Receive it. Receive it. Wave after wave after wave after love-infused wave from my being sent, growing inside of you to settle in you, bringing you into balance. And the sweetness of this Love and the sweetness of my nectar, which joins your vibration to mine, is being heightened within you. I want you to experience the highest of highs with me, so I am freeing you now from anything that limits you and holds you back from me. Cut! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Peace Peace Peace. I Love you, my children and I am loving you into Oneness, now. Loving you into a higher vibration. You are sent through Love and it is the power of Love that is raising you now. “Message from Divine Mother as Durga Maa, delivered through Chaturi Ma.


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