Why should Divine Mother Love me?

Ego (small self) asks: 

There are others out there that are much more devoted and better than you. Why should Mother God lavish Her love on you? What is so special about you?

Divine Self replies:

It is not about degrees of Love. Divine Love cannot be measured; it is infinite. We are All loved by virtue of the fact that we *are* Love and Love birthed us into being…sang us into being. Love recognises Itself drawing all parts into the Whole. None more deserving than the rest. None less deserving than the rest. It is the nature of Love to find itself and celebrate sacred, joyful Divine union. You are this Love. Divine Mother is this Love and we are this Love and are drawn together by default. We merge and the result is bliss and peace. This is the nature of Love. There is no measuring of who deserves what. Divine Mother awakens this Love deep within us and we discover how to receive, how to open up and surrender to Love, we begin to experience the *Infinite* flow of Love from within us. We are All loved completely and fully. It is only only a matter of receiving.


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