Healing for this world – The Groundwork is Done.

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/Users/Shared/Moab/Moab 2009 – DEP – 2/Output/.IMG_0290.tif

Divine Mother’s message as given through Chaturi Ma

I am Divine Mother and I come in the name of Light, Truth and Love. Stand up! Rise. Bring joy back. This is what is missing. Bring joy back! I am supporting you as you do the important work in your countries of aligning with Divine Truth. Your strength comes from this Truth which is fixed deep within you and resonates from deep within you to far beyond yourself, which has a ripple effect on those around you multi-dimensionally . You are sending the message out in many different dimensions at the same time. The time for building and laying the groundwork is done – Just stand knowing you are supported. If everyone stood in the holy Divine Truth, knowing they were/are supported there would be an enormous change. There would be an enormous illumination world-wide. We have work to do and I am really happy that you have called me to assist you to be a part of this work. We are holding the awareness. We are bringing in Truth. We are holding up light and resonating light. We are bringing Heaven onto Earth. The time of laying the groundwork is done. It is done. Now we are moving forward in Divine Love. The kind that lifts every single soul into an awareness – higher awareness. You are doing it with me! We have been doing it. We are doing this sacred work. We are pouring light upon this planet and now we are in the forefront of this wave of change, this wave of awareness, this wave of Divine Truth and it is no accident that we are here now. We have been placed, ordained, situated by the Mother of All and that is what overjoys me. That is what excites me. When my children stand and we move, powerfully. This wave of enlightenment. This can only result in healing. For those who do not receive it, Divine Mother will bring them into the light at their own pace. Don’t focus on them. Focus on me. Focus on our unity. Focus on the love that you carry. Focus on the power of Love. The power of the Divine. The power of awakening to higher and higher purpose and realms. This is what we are doing. The preparation has been done. We are now moving the change. We are now moving the Divine wave forward in our respective countries and world-wide. It has already started, so stand with me and bring joy back to neutralise the density. Bring love to the forefront to neutralise hatred. Bring strength, find strength, Divine support through to neutralise fear and anxiety. I am Divine Mother and I come in the name of love, of truth. Thank you. I love you. Keep moving forward.


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