Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara
Message delivered through Chaturi Ma

“I love you. This unending force flow of love is always with you. And the more you let yourself sink into this flow, the sweeter it becomes. This love this force, this flow, is sweeter than anything you have imagined, that you could imagine or that you have yet to imagine. And I am here to expand you more than you have expanded before. I am here to introduce you to more Love than what you have known. This is the beginning of eternity. This is the beginning of the journey of Love. This is what I am here for. To increase Love on this planet, to awaken love in hearts. To awaken you at the deepest level within and the deepest part of you at your core. So bathe in this flow, bathe in this love and bathe in the fullness of this Oneness. There is so much more to come. Thank you for calling me forth. I am Sanat Kumara, Sanat An, and I love you deeply, greatly.”

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Who is Sanat Kumara according to Hinduism? (From Wikipedia)

Sanat Kumara appears as a rishi in the Hindu religious text the Chandogya Upanishad. A shrine to Sanat Kumara which attracts and unites people of all religions and faiths is situated in the town of KataragamaSri Lanka. In Sanskrit, “Sanat Kumara” is “Eternal Youth” (from Sanat “eternal”, Ku “with difficulty” and Mara “mortal”[8]).

The Kumar resides in the most sublime center of our planet, Shamballa, the sahasrara of the world. The Kumara has several names, relating to the sahasrara centers of different Systemic Existences: At the Supra-Cosmic plane, he is called Sanatana; at the Cosmic plane, it is Subrahmanya; at the Solar plane, the Kumara is Sanaka; at the Planetary plane, it is Sanandana; and on this planet, it is Sanath Kumara. So Sanath Kumara is an aspect of Kumara that resides in Shamballa.

Scriptures, especially the Mahabharata, say that it is Sanath Kumara who comes down to help the Divine Plan of Creation, when Lord Krishna came to be. He was born to Lord Krishna as his son, and he was named Pradyumna. Sanath Kumara incarnates himself through the Divine Mother Rukmini as Pradyumna. On completion of his work, He again gets back to his original position and takes to the seat in Shambala as Sanath Kumara. These details are given in the last chapters of Mahabharata.


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