Healing your Pain Group Session Message received from Durga Ma

I am Divine Mother Durga and I come in the name of Love – strong love, powerful love, all-encompassing love, deep, deep, permeating love that reaches every area of you that nothing is hidden from. This love, this love that heals your pain, this love that heals you, this love that expands you. Fall [into the Heart]. Ascend. I am expanding you right now. Sense me within you with your subtle senses. I am Divine Mother and as Love, I am moving within you, expanding your heart. Bigger…expand more. It is my joy to fill you with love, to expand your heart, to open you up to the Infinite. Bathe. Notice my love. This is powerful. This is what heals you. I love you. You are good, you are beautiful. You are pure. I am changing you from the inside out, or rather let me say, I am bringing you back to the original you. I would like to request that you sit in unity with me daily if you can. This is how you will heal. This powerful love creates wholeness in you. So I am asking you to allow it. Thank you for all that you are doing. I so deeply appreciate you. And there are many, many levels on which you do things. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


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