Healing Your Pain Group Session Message from Lord Shiva

This message was received the day after Shivarathri 

I am Lord Shiva. I am the Father of creation. I am the Father of Love. Unify with me. Breathe me in. I come in on the breath. So be aware when you call on me to use your breath. The sacred breath to breathe me in. We are one. We never have been apart. This will take you deeper. If you ask me to strengthen you then use the breath. We connect this way. Never forget who you are. Your divinity. I Love you! I am Lord Shiva. I am Shivaya. I am the Father of Love. It is not so much about the breaking and crushing of what we don’t want;  It is not so much the destruction of what shouldn’t be within us, as what it is the opening into Wholeness through the breath. Your focus should be there. Not on what should be destroyed or what should be let go, but more on what wholeness you are unifying with. Leave the breaking to me. You focus on unifying yourself with me through the breath, through the love. Ask for what you need but let me do it. You breathe, you create wholeness and I will move on your behalf breaking up what needs to be removed. Dance in wholeness. Dance like I dance. Dance in wholeness. Let the breath dance through you. Let me dance in you creating wholeness. I am Shivaya. I come in the name of Love.


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