Divine Mother as Love

 “There is an unending, very pure, very beautiful stream of Love. It has no beginning and it has no end. It flows through each one of us. It flows through every living thing. It flows through the Earth, and there is Oneness that can only be found in this stream of Love. So, when there is a need to communicate or reach out, fall into the stream of Love, which is flowing right now through each and every being, not only on Earth but in the Cosmos as well. Nothing more than that is needed. This is everything. This is All there is. This is birth and death and rebirth, This Love is existence. Love is All. Allow this Love to expand. Dunk into the stream and expand. Fall into this stream and let it wash through you and expand. That is the nature of Love; it is not static, it grows. And from Love – forgiveness, and from Love – peace. You are the stream of Love. Stay there .Love there.”


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