Divine Mother as Mary

“I Am Mother Mary and I come in the name of Love I come in the name of my infinite Love for you.
You do not walk your path alone, I Am with you. We meld as one. Our energy is one. So I am with you as you walk your path. Allow it to well up from inside of you. You will sense me inside of you – the intensity – allow that to well up and come forth and come through you. Allow me to move you that when you move you take Divine steps and when you breathe you breathe in the Divine Breath. We are doing this together. I Am your safety net. I Am your support. I Am the soft place for you to fall. I Love you. Drink in my sweetness. Because the more you take me in, the more unified we become, the more in oneness we are. And as we move in oneness at times you may even feel that I Am carrying you. At times, you will sense the sweet energy that is me. At times, no effort will be required from you. This is what it means to move with me as a unit. To be in oneness. To be who you are – who you truly are. To move in Love. I Love you. Be peaceful. Rest. Know that you are Loved infinitely. I am Mother Mary and I cherish you. Thank you. Be peaceful.”


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