Divine Mother as Hathor

“I Am Divine Mother Hathor and I come in the name of Love. I Am infusing you with myself. Infusing you into every area of your life into every part of your being. Spreading, infusing my Divine Self. My Love. My Sweetness. My depth. It is the Divine Nature to expand and to flow and to expand some more. So allow the sweet expansion, allow this infusion of the Divine within to continue to grow and to continue to expand outward from you in waves and waves and waves always. Expanding infusing touching breathing life, divine life. Lifting, bringing love into everything that I come into contact with through you. This beautiful, this sweet expansion continues effortlessly – eternally. Just be it. Allow it. And with it, the sweetest joy the sweetest lifting of spirits. This is the by product. This is the result and this is where we are headed to together. This is where I am taking you and lifting you to. Ascension. Expansion. Lift. Allow. Let me permeate your entire being. And then through you. Allow the waves. Wave after wave of Divine expansion. I’m overjoyed. And now this is spreading, permeating, reaching to and through and even beyond yourself. You are an eternal being. This is who you are. This is how we love. This is how we lift. It brings me such joy to give this to you. To share this with you. Please allow it. Receive. I love you. Expand. I am Mother Hathor. I come in the name of truth, love, expansion. God.”


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